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Lead Creative Director

An experienced director and writer, Daniel wrote and directed his first play in 2006 at just 19 years old. He has a BA Hons degree in performing arts and theatre studies. He has since written to date over 15 theatre shows and countless short films. As well as his own work Daniel has featured in a variety of plays over the years including the likes of The Tempest and A Christmas Carol. Born in Leicester with congenital heart problems to mixed race parents, his heritage being mixed race British and Antiguan. Proud of his Antiguan and Barbadian roots Daniel likes to take from both of his cultures and use this to be a better person. Throughout his childhood Daniel endured ableist and racist incidents that have only spurred him on and ultimately cemented Daniels determination. Daniels personal belief that taking part in film should be for everyone regardless of age, sexuality, gender, race or social class.



Director of Cinematography
Assistant Creative Director

Liam is an experienced director of photography. Having worked on countless films before joining with Polarity to further enhance their creative vision. 
Beginning writing his own scripts Liam ran his own creative company which included photography and also served as a platform for his own short films.
As well as being the man behind the camera, Liam is the man behind the video editing screen too. Polarity's "Clown" won best cinematography in Poland, a true testament to Liam's skills as a DOP and editor.


Assistant Creative Director



Michael is a writer and actor who helps inspire and create our short films. Michael has  performed in several of the Polarity Theatre Films and shows great promise with his talents. A big part of him is that he is from a Polish heritage and brings a lot from his culture. Despite being a proud Polak Michael has had difficulties from unkind people in the last year because of him being from a different culture. This has only made him realise that he shouldn't mind what others think but to do what he feels like is the right thing. Michael has also starred in theatre shows, the first one being in 2016. Michael is a hardworking  cooperative person. Whilst young Michael has maturity beyond his years and this serves him well as he aspires to be better.


Head of Music and Sound

Lead on set Sound Technician


At 10 years old Nathans parents brought him a drum kit and a guitar and Nathans interst in music took off. Nathan is Polarity's in house music producer. His experience comes from his extensive portfolio of backing music for social media, youtubers, and video game streamers. At Polarity Nathan is both our on set sound engineer and music writer.

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